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Students in the Department of Linguistics have been organizing a student conference in linguistics since 2001. The conference is intended to celebrate the wide breadth of issues taken up in theoretical and applied linguistics, including interdisciplinary approaches.

 UUSCIL 2018

Friday, April 13

LNCO 2110

(9-9:30): Poster Set-Up
9:30 - 10:30am: Poster Session I
● "L2 Phrasal Verbs: Optimizing Testing to Inform Pedagogical Models”
○ Austin Buttars, Stacie Chadwick, Devon Hoxer, and Shadow Miller
● "Frequently Made Student Errors in Adult ESL Language Acquisition”
○ Justin Cho, Sarah Johnson, and Shelly Miao
● "The Stroop Effect in Kana and Kanji Scripts”
○ Zachary Earl, Mackenzie Kerr
● "Code Correction: Breaking The Code”
○ Derek Betker, Katrina Bocanegra, and Maranda Mumm
● "Foul Play: Gender, Perception, and Profanity in 21st century America”
○ Greydon Benzmiller, Joseph Ciucci Liuzzi, and Amber Robb
● "Perceived Importance as a Factor in Second Language Vocabulary
○ David Petersen and Heidee Ward
● "An analysis of semantic shift in proto-Indo-European cognates in Swedish
and Greek”
○ Keaton Colledge and Alyssa Hawkins
● “VOT’s of Voiced and Voiceless Stops in Spanish and English: A Partial
Replication of Flege and Eefting (1987)”
○ Ellie A. Kaiser
● “Acoustic Features of Vowels in Clear and Conversational Speech: A Partial
Replication of Ferguson and Quene (2014)”
○ Billy J. Finlay and Julia S. Vonessen
● “Effect of Repeated Evaluation on Acceptability Rating of Sentences: A Partial
Replication of Zervakis and Mazuka (2012)”
○ Alex J. Cipro

10:30 - 12pm: Talk Session I

● 10:30 ~ 11 - Evaluation of Usage of Arabic Loanwords in Modern Hindi (Delhi)
- Jonathan Lifferth
● 11:00~11:30 - Arabic Frequency Corpus - Seth McCombie
● 11:30 ~ 12 - The Role of Lexical Cues in the Acquisition of L2 Allophonic
Variants - Joselyn Rodriguez

12 - 1pm: Lunch

(12:30 - 1:00: Poster Set-Up)

1 - 2pm: Poster Session II
● “Effects of Marked Intonation on a Restricted Scope Configuration”
○ Luke Tuttle
● “Dialect Perceptions of Utah Residents”
○ Addison Eckhoff, Ben Fehr, Dwight Matthews, Alexis Sanders, and Spencer
● “Morpheme Order Studies”
○ Myley Boggs and Christina Foreman
● “L2 Orthographic Input and the Three-Way Korean Consonant Contrast”
○ Lauren Brocious and Rachel Hayes-Harb
● “English-Speaking Children Raised in Non-English-Speaking Homes”
○ Courtney Cunningham and Sarah Romrell
● “Spacial Interpretations of the Prepositions “in” and “within””
○ Alex Cipro and Aniko Csirmaz
● “Synchronic and Diachronic Analyses of Compensatory Lengthening”
○ Daniel Razo and Joselyn Rodriguez
● “Experiments on the Acceptability and Possible Readings of Questions
Embedded Under Emotive-Factives: A Partial Replication of Cremers and
Chemla (2017)”
○ Nate Schwartz
● “Voice Onset Time in Young Spanish-English Bilinguals”
○ Ellie A. Kaiser

2 - 3:30pm: Talk Session II

● 2 ~ 2:30 - A Neuroscience-Based Theory for the Teaching of Pronunciation in a
Second Language - Dave Clark
● 2:30 ~ 3 - Contrastive Velarization in Russian - Tyler W. Laws
● 3 ~ 3:30 - Bulgarian Frequency Dictionary - A. Jakob Johnson


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