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Student Theses
and Dissertations


Congratulations to our students for these accomplishments! Please click below to see the great work of our Linguistics students.


Jing Zhao
The effects of literature circles on Chinese foreign language immersion students' literacy skills


Catherine Showalter
"Orthographic input familiarity and congruence effects on phono-lexical acquisition of Russian by native speakers of English”

Taylor Anne Barriuso
"The L2 acquisition of phonemes and allophones under various exposure conditions."


Jin Bi
"Bilingualism and Cognitive Control: A Comparison of Sequential and Simultaneous Bilinguals"

Abdulaziz Alzoubi
"The Effect of Social Factors on Emphatic-Plain Contrast: A Sociophonetic Study of Arabic in Amman City of Jordan"


Miranda McCarvel
"Harmonic Serialism with Lexical Selection: Evidence from Jèrriais Allomorphy"

Sarah Braden
“Scientific Inquiry as Social and Linguistic Practice: Language Socialization Pathways in a Ninth-Grade Physics Class”


Heeok “Jade” Jeong
Exploring the spaces of culturally relevant pedagogy: The discursive (trans)formation of the pedagogical practices of two teachers of English language learners

Tamrika Khvtisiashvili
Principal Aspects of Xinaliq Phonology and Morphosyntax

Asmaa Shehata
"When Variability Matters in Second Language Word Learning: Talker Variability and Task Type Effects"

Kristen Lindahl
Exploring an 'Invisible Meduim:' Teacher Language Awareness among K-12 Preservice Educators if English Learners


Susan McKay
Raising-to-Object in French: A Functional Perspective


Dijana Trajchevska
Crosslinguistic Influence and Evidentiality




Brendan Terry
An Approach to Embedding Pronunciation Instruction into an Intermediate-High Level ESL Content-Based Instruction Course

Austin Tracy
Looking for the Essence of Lexical Diversity

Daniel Razo
Spanish Adverbials: Scales and Repetitian


Brian Collins
"The Roles of -Ywac in the Polish Aspectual System"

Jessica Larsen
"How 'Enjoying a Meal' Is Similiar to 'Beginning a Book': Investigating Compositionality and the Processing of Complement Coercion Verbs"

John Blackham
"There and Back Again: An Adverb's Tale"

Dursun Altinok
"Quantifier Scope and Prosody in Turkish"


Shasha Xu
"Effects of ESL Instructors’ Ethnicity and Perceived Accent on University ESL Students’ Expectations of ESL Instructors"

Rachel Haynes Miller
"Students’ Discrimination of German Contrasts after One Year of Dual Immersion"

Andrew Hayes
Integrated Versus Decontextualized Approaches to Vocabulary Instruction in a Second Language Writing Course"

Josh Jackson
"The Effects of Novel Orthographic Elements and Phonetic Instruction in Second Language Phonological Acquisition"

Jemina Keller
"An Investigation of K-5/6 Pre-Service Teachers’ Knowledge and Beliefs About the Utah Core State Standards and English Learners"

Andrew Bayles
"High-Vowel Lenition in the French of Quebec and Paris"


Sadie Moon Dickman
Differences in Intelligibility of Non-Native Directed Speech and Hearing Impaired Directed Speech for Non-Native Listeners,

Sara Christine Bridge
Write Your Story: A Course to Promote L2 Writing Fluency Through Theme-Based Memoirs

Katherine Matsumoto-Gray
Politeness in Increasing Degrees of Imposition: A Sociolinguistic Study of Politeness in Political Conversations

David Joseph Iannucci
Aspects of Chitimacha Phonology

Shaun Paul Matthews
Antisymmetry, Relative Clauses and Adjectives


Hossam Eldin Ibrahim Ahmed
Parallel Derivation and Multiple Loci

Marlin Taylor
Complements, Small Clauses, and Antisymmetry

Zebulon Aaron Pischnotte
Optimality Theory Applied to Iñupiaq Eskimo Consonant Assimilation

Jennifer Leparmentier
Novel Feature Processing by Children and Adults

2006 - 2003

Waleed A. Alrowsa
Agreement in Najdi Arabic

Anna Lee
Variable Consonant Sequence Reduction in English: An Optimality Theory Approach

David Patrick Hall
Topichood, Scope, and Events

Zuzana Sarikova
Shared Cognitive Learning Styles between Instructors and Students as Predictors of Attitudes toward Learning

Aleksandra Zaba
Cross-Modular (Re)Balancing Effects in Language


Hallie Allan
Noun Incorporation in Crow: An Assessment of Various Approaches

Cailey Lloyd
The Role of Written Input in the Acquisition of a German-Like Pattern of Final Devoicing by Native English Speakers: Evidence from a Listening Task

Marcel Peterson
Language-Internal Alternatable Feature Strength in English and Italian

Julia Vonessen
The Relationship between Listener Attitudes and the Comprehension of Nonnative-Accented Speech


Angel Elizabeth Kaiser

Tyler Watson Laws

Austin Dean Buttars

Jacqueline Danae Jolley


Eve Olson
Voice onset time in Arabic and English stop consonants

Sara Blalock NG

Eizabeth Anne Nakashima


Savannah Manwill
Sociolinguistics of Basque in the U.S.

Andrew Lee Zupon
Restrictions on Denominal Verb Formation

2009 - 2001

Stephen John Sovinsky
Speech Act Theory and Internet Culture: Computer-Mediated Communication in the Era of Web 2.0

Zachary Bret Rasmussen
The Interlanguage Speech Intelligibility Benefit: Arabic-Accented English

Robert Benjamin Young
The Syntax of Double Objects as an Instance of V Segmentation


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