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Graduate Students

Mary Akbary

Mary Akbary, PhD

Mohammed Al-Ariqy

Mohammed Al-Ariqy, PhD

Phonology, Phonetics

Ahmed Rashed Alnuqaydan

Ahmed R. Alnuqaydan, PhD

Phonology, Phonetics

Danielle Del Valle

Toochukwu Awolor, MA

Leigh Anne Benzaia

Leigh Anne Benzaia, PhD

L1 and L2 Acquisition; Forensic Linguistics, Philosophy of Language


Danielle Del Valle

Daniel Del Valle, MA

Matteo Fiorini

Matteo Fiorini, PhD

Syntax-Semantics and Syntax-Prosody interface, Information Structure, Pragmatics


Irena Grunche-Tine

Irena Grunche-Tine, MA

Second Language Acquisition,
Cross-Linguistic Influence

Indu Herath

Indu Herath, PhD

Morphology, Internet Linguistics

Dori Huang

Dori Huang, PhD


Jon Hunt

Jon Hunt, MA


Kelly Kendro

Kelly Kendro, MA

Psycholinguistics, cross-linguistic influence, sociolinguistics, corpus linguistics, understudied multilingual populations 

Jon Hunt

Maryam Kinani, MA


Eunjin Lee

Eunjin Lee, PhD

Joanne Moffatt

Joanne Moffatt, MA

Eunjin Lee

Olamide Ogundare, MA

Katrina Rost

Katrina Rost, MA

Fakhereh Safatian

Fakhereh Safatian, PhD

Second Language Acquisition, Psycholinguistics


Yan Shi

Yan Shi, PhD

Yan Shi

Ying Zhang, PhD



Last Updated: 9/20/22