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Due February 1, 2024

The Steven C. and Mercy Grimes Endowed Scholarship in Linguistics honors the late Steven Grimes and Mercy Grimes, whom the family describes as "wonderful parents to Edward and Rebecca and wonderful grandparents to Quinn." The scholarship will be awarded to students majoring in Linguistics with a preference given toward students coming from single parent households or students who are single parents themselves. 

Required materials include the following:

  • A degree audit. For freshmen, who are entering the University directly from high school, and for transfer students, please submit a copy of your transcripts.
  • A personal statement (what should the scholarship committee know about you?)

If you have questions, please contact Kacey Campbell at

Steven & Mercy Grimes Endowed Scholarship APplication

The late Steven Grims and Mercedes Grimes

The late Steven Grimes and
Mercedes Grimes

Steve and Mercy's grandauther, Quinn

Steven and Mercy’s
granddaughter, Quinn

Mercy and Steven's children, Rebecca Rivas adn the late Edward Rivas

Mercy and Steven’s children, Rebecca
Rivas and the late Edward Rivas

This award is given to graduate students to encourage them to participate in a professional conference. Please note that funds are contingent upon presenting. Proof of presenting is required for travel reimbursement. Please note that awarded funds will be reported to the University Scholarship Office and count against your cost of attendance. Depending on the available funds, the Department may offer to fund a second trip for exceptional students. If you apply for two conferences, please submit separate applications for each conference and rank your conferences. Please note that the sooner you apply, the more likely you are to receive funding from the Graduate School. Graduate students will be eligible to receive one GSTAA (Graduate Student Travel Assistance Award) grant during their academic career at the University of Utah. If you already have received GSTAA funding prior to July, 1, 2017, you are ineligible for an additional GSTAA award. Information and applications are available at Graduate Student Travel Assistance Award.

If you have questions, please contact Kacey Campbell at

Department Student Travel Assistance Application

Last Updated: 2/21/24