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Linguistics Club for Undergrads

LCU Club officers sitting together at the spring 2023 get involved fair

Get Involved in Linguistics!

There are lots of great opportunities to get involved while you're a student in linguistics, including events, clubs, collaboration research projects with faculty, study abroad and career-building opportunities, and more! 


Linguistics Club for Undergrads 

LCU Wants You!

The LCU is a forum-based group that encourages thoughtful consideration and discussion and is a space for those interested in linguistics and language to meet and socialize.  The club will meet every other Friday from 12:30-2:30 starting January 20th!  Stay tuned for more details!

Please contact LCU Officers if you have questions about LCU. 

For information and announcements and to connect with other members, join the Discord:


LCU Officers:  Abby Almas, Lex Putnam, Tanner Jones, and Danni Briosos

Faculty Mentor:  Aaron Kaplan


January 20th 12:30-2:30 LNCO 2110

February 3rd 12:30-2:30 LNCO 1200 WLC Lounge

February 17th 12:30-2:30 LNCO 1200 WLC Lounge

March 3rd 12:30-2:30 LNCO 1200 WLC Lounge

March 17th 12:30-2:30 LNCO 1200 WLC Lounge

March 31st 12:30-2:30 LNCO 2110

April 14th 12:30-2:30 LNCO 1200 WLC Lounge

April 28th 12:30-2:30 LNCO 2110



Last Updated: 3/2/23