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Linguistics Club for Undergrads

Get Involved in Linguistics!

There are lots of great opportunities to get involved while you're a student in linguistics, including events, clubs, collaboration research projects with faculty, study abroad and career-building opportunities, and more! 


Linguistics Club for Undergrads 

LCU Wants You!

The LCU is a forum-based group that encourages thoughtful consideration and discussion and is a space for those interested in linguistics and language to meet and socialize.  The club will meet every other Friday from 3:30-4:30 starting September 2nd from 3:30-4:30!  Stay tuned for more details!

Please contact LCU Officers if you have questions about LCU. 

For information and announcements and to connect with other members, join the GroupMe:

Join LCU GroupMe

LCU Officers:  Sylvia Page, Lex Putnam, Abby Almas, and Andrea Gutierrez

Faculty Mentor:  Aaron Kaplan


September 2nd 3:30-4:30 LNCO 2945

September 16th 3:30-4:30 LNCO 2945

September 30th 3:30-4:30 LNCO 2945

October 21st 3:30-4:30 LNCO 2945

November 4th 3:30-4:30 LNCO 2945

November 18th 3:30-4:30 LNCO 2945

December 2nd 3:30-4:30 LNCO 2945


Last Updated: 8/3/22