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Linguistics Honors

Students at linguistics event

Get Involved in Linguistics!

There are lots of great opportunities to get involved while you're a student in linguistics, including events, clubs, collaboration research projects with faculty, study abroad and career-building opportunities, and more! 


Thesis Timeline

Second and third years typically see students refining their interests in their major, and starting to hone in on a research topic. Continue taking classes in your major, and paying attention to things like: topics that interest you; faculty whose research is interesting, and with whom you connect; questions you have that don't seem like they have good answers. These are all important data in developing your project! Make sure that you are a part of the Thesis Mentoring Community, and that you are consulting those modules and attending events that are of interest to you. And connect with other students in your major - though everyone types their own thesis, we never think in a vacuum and having a community of peers makes the process so much more fun. Also, be in touch with your Honors Faculty Advisor.

Be inspired by other Honors Linguistics theses

Typically during your Third and/or Fourth Year

Turn in Completed Thesis Proposal Form. The due date for this form is September 15th to ensure you are on track.

Be sure to meet with your Faculty Mentor to agree on a schedule for reviewing your progress, submitting drafts, making final revisions, etc. Theses with approval signatures are due to the Honors College one week before grades are due to the Registrar's Office, the semester you plan to graduate.

Sign up for LING 4999. LING 4999 is a 3 credit hour class, which indicates you are working independently with your supervisor on your thesis. Talk to your Honors Faculty Advisor or major academic advisor to receive a permission code.

Request permission code for Ling 4999

Honors students must present their thesis work at the annual Undergraduate Research Symposium at the U, at NCUR, or at discipline related research conferences

You can also publish in the U’s Undergraduate Research Journal. Submissions are accepted year-round for online publication each summer

Your final Honors Thesis will require electronic signatures from your Thesis Faculty Mentor, Honors Faculty Advisor, and Department Chair before you submit it to the Honors College. Approval signatures are due to the Honors College one week before grades are due to the Registrar's Office , the semester you plan to graduate. Please give yourself and Faculty Mentor at least three weeks to make final revisions and collect your three signatures.

Students who complete two semesters of research with a faculty mentor and present and publish their work (for example in the Undergraduate Research Symposium & Abstracts Journal) are eligible for the Undergraduate Research Scholar Designation on their transcript.

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Last Updated: 5/31/22