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Computational Linguistics Jobs

Computational Linguistics Jobs

Our certificate gives students a variety of skills that are useful in multiple settings.  People mainly complete this certificate because they are interested in jobs in Computational Linguistics.  Search for jobs with Computational Linguistics or Natural Language Processing as part of the job or skills.  Also look for jobs in the categories of computer programmers, software developers, machine learning and computer information research scientists.  Here are some ideas for places to search for jobs:

"Understanding natural language is at the core of Google's technologies. The Natural Language Understanding (NLU) team at Google guides, builds, and innovates methodologies around semantic analysis and representation, syntactic parsing and realization, morphology and lexicon development. Our work directly impacts the Assistant, Search, the Knowledge Graph, and Translate, as well as other Machine Intelligence research."


"Artificial intelligence (AI) is dramatically transforming people's work and life now. Natural Language processing is in the center of the transform. Our teams have advanced the state of the art in natural language processing, speech processing, deep learning, video game AI, and even computational historical linguistics."


"We are looking for passionate, talented, and inventive Scientists to help build world-leading Speech and Language technology. Our mission is to the create a delightful experience to Amazon's customers by advancing the state of the art in Natural Language Understanding (NLU), Text to Speech and Language Generation."


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Last Updated: 8/10/22