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Utah Linguistics well represented at LSA 2022

University of Utah Department of Linguistics was well represented at the 96th annual meeting of Linguistics Society of America (LSA) held in Washington DC on January 6-9, 2022. 


Dr. Aniello de Santo presented with Dr. So Young Lee on two occasions: a poster titled Evaluating Theories of Attachment Preference Computationally  and a talk titled Connecting Sentence Processing and Syntactic Theories in Prenominal Relative Clause Languages.

Dr. Aaron Kaplan presented a poster titled The Timing of Violations in Serial Derivations.

PhD student Mohammed Al-Ariqy presented  Glottal Stop Variation in Classical Arabic: OT-based Optionality Analysis.

PhD student Ahmed Rashed Alnuqaydan presented on Triconsonantal Clusters in Qassimi Arabic.

PhD student Matteo Fiorini presented a poster titled Discourse Particles as Trigger of Expressive Presupposition: the case of Italian poi.


The full conference program is available to view on the LSA website.

Full Conference Program


Last Updated: 1/7/22