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Congratulations Shantel on Receiving the Stellar Staff Award! 

College of Humanities staff enjoyed each other’s company at Desert Edge at the staff social on 12/7. In between eats & drinks and a fun blind-date-with-a-book exchange, we acknowledged the four winners of the fall Stellar Staff Award. Our very own Shantel de Arraiz, Administrative Manager of the Department of Linguistics was 1 of 4 awarded. Shantel has worked for our department for roughly 18 years. Many students can speak to how amazing she is and how hard she works to support them. She such a joy to work with and is incredibly respectful to everyone she comes in contact with. Her support allows staff and faculty to complete their jobs. More than fifteen staff members throughout the College were thoughtfully nominated by their colleagues. Thank you to all who took the time to submit nominations, and to the entire staff for their support of the College.


Last Updated: 12/12/22