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New Publications for Professor Christison

Professor Christison has three new publications that address issues related to the use of online technologies for language learning and language teacher education. 

 The first article was co-authored with Denise E. Murray and is titled, “Going online: Affordances and limitations for teachers and teacher educators.” It was published in November 2017 in a book edited by Lillian Wong and Ken Hyland, Faces in English education:Students, teachers and pedagogy and published by Routledge/Taylor & Francis.

 The second article was co-authored with Daniel Dixon and is titled, “The usefulness of massive multiplayer online roleplaying games (MMORPGs) as tools for promoting second language acquisition.” The third article is co-authored with Tülay Dixon and is titled, “Teaching English grammar in a hybrid English academic course.” Both articles appeared in December 2017 (Copyright 2018) in a peer-reviewed publication titled, Applications of CALL theory in ESL and EFL environments. It was edited by James Perren, Ken Kelch, Jin-suk Byun, Seth Cervantes, and Setareh Safavi and published by IGI Global.

 Professor Christison’s co-authors, Daniel Dixon and Tülay Dixon, are MA graduates from the Department of Linguistics who have been instructors at the Asia Campus for three years. They will both begin their PhD studies at Northern Arizona University in the fall.


Last Updated: 1/23/18