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The Department of Linguistics to present 3 posters at this year's meeting of the Human Sentence Processing Conference (HSP 2023)

Members of the Mathematics of Language and Cognition Lab will present three posters:
   - Cassandra Jacobs (U. of Buffalo), Aniello De Santo, Loïc Grobol (U. Paris Nanterre). "Online and offline processing in zeugma constructions is insensitive to argument order"
   - Matteo Fiorini, Jillian Chang (Great Neck South High School), Aniello De Santo. " A Minimalist Parsing Analysis of Subject/Object Asymmetries in Basque Relative Clauses"
   - Daniel Del Valle and Aniello De Santo. "A Minimalist approach to the processing of postverbal subjects in French relative clauses"
Last Updated: 2/16/23