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Visiting Postdoctoral Scholar Eihab Abu-Rabiah Two Publications and Two Conference Presentations Highlighting Research Contributions

Ph.D. Eihab Abu-Rabiah's recent publications and presentations include the following:

Publication in English:

Abu-Rabiah, E. (2023). Evaluating L2 vocabulary development features using lexical density and lexical diversity measures. LLT Journal: A Journal on Language and Language Learning, 26(1), 168–182.


Publication in Hebrew:

Abu-Rabiah, E. (2023). Cognates and false cognates as a tool to expand vocabulary in the acquisition of Hebrew as a second language for Arabic speakers. Lexi-Kaye, 19, 28–32. [In Hebrew*


Conference Presentation 1:

Abu-Rabiah, E. (2023, May). “Vocabulary richness development in the argumentative writing of bilingual learners”. Paper presented at the 39th Northwest Linguistics Conference, the Department of Linguistics, the University of Victoria, Canada.


Conference Presentation 2:

Henkin, R., Gafter, R., & Abu-Rabiah, E. (2023, May). “Where syntactic interference persists: The case of Hebrew written by native Arabic speakers”. Paper presented at the 34th International Conference on Foreign/Second Language Acquisition, the Institute of Linguistics, the University of Silesia, Poland.

Last Updated: 6/1/23