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Dr. Slade publishes a chapter in Verb-Verb Complexes in Asian-Languages. 

Dr. Benjamin Slade recently published "Development of verb-verb complexes in Indo-Aryan" in _ Verb-Verb Complexes in Asian Languages_ edited by Taro Kageyama, Peter E. Hook, & Prashant Pardeshi. Oxford University Press, 2021.

'This chapter discusses the historical development and properties of verb-verb compounds in Indo-Aryan, with reference to verb-verb compounds in Dravidian. The history of modern Indo-Aryan verb-verb compounds is explored, including an examination of the precursors of such constructions in early Indo-Aryan, as well as the apparent earliest examples in late Middle and early modern Indo-Aryan. A number of morphosyntactic and lexical differences between verb-verb structures in different modern Indo-Aryan languages are examined, focusing particularly on differences between Hindi and Nepali. The larger picture of South Asian verb-verb compounds is examined through comparison of lexical inventories of Indo-Aryan and Dravidian languages, with some evidence pointing to independent developments within South Asia, with some later partial convergence.'


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Ben Slade

Ben Slade




Last Updated: 8/10/21