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Aniello de Santo publishes in Linque e Linguaggio

Dr. Aniello de Santo published a paper in the Journal "Linque e Linguaggio". The article is titled, "Italian postverbal subjects from a Minimalist parsing perspective".

     Aniello De Santo, Italian postverbal subjects from a Minimalist parsing perspective, in "Lingue e linguaggio, Rivista semestrale" 2/2021, pp. 199-227, doi: 10.1418/102813

Abstract:Stabler (2013)’s parser forMinimalist grammars has been shown to successfully predict various off-line processing preferences, by exploiting complexity metrics connecting syntactic structure to memory load. This approach provides a quantifiable way to test the effects of structural hypotheses on linguistic behavior, and thus can help bridge syntactic theory and processing phenomena. This paper extends the empirical coverage of the model by looking at the processing of Italian postverbal subjects, and it discusses the relevance of transparent computational models for existing approaches to sentence processing.

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Last Updated: 1/7/22