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Aniello de Santo presents at SCiL

Dr. Aniello de Santo presented a joint talk with Dr. So Young Le from Miami University at this year's meeting of the Society for Computation in Linguistics (SCiL), held virtually Feb 7-9 2022.

De Santo, Aniello and Lee, So Young (2022) "Evaluating Structural Economy Claims in Relative Clause Attachment," Proceedings of the Society for Computation in Linguistics: Vol. 5 , Article 6.

Abstract: Grillo and Costa (2014) argue for a pseudorelative (PR) first account of relative clause attachment preferences (RC) such that, when faced with a sentence ambiguous between a PR and a RC interpretation, the parser prefers committing to a PR structure first, thus giving rise to what looks like a high-attachment preference. One possible explanation for this parsing choice is in terms of simplicity of the PR structure, and overall economy principles. Here, we evaluate this hypothesis by testing the predictions of a parser for Minimalist grammars for PR and RC structures in Italian. We discuss the relevance of our results for PR-first explanations of the cross-linguistic variability of RC attachment biases, and highlight the role that computational models can play in evaluating the cognitive plausibility of economy considerations tied to fine-grained structural analyses.

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Last Updated: 2/11/22