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LCU Meeting with Ruth Watkins a Success

Newly inaugurated president Ruth Watkins met with linguistic club students to tell them how she went from discovering linguistics in college to becoming the president of the University of Utah. A student asked about studying a major when it doesn’t lead to one specific career and you may not know what path it will take?  President Watkins described why a degree in linguistics is a huge benefit when searching for a job. She said, “What you learn in a liberal arts degree is exactly the skills that you need for any employer. Employers are looking for people who can think critically, solve problems, work together in teams, and have an understanding of cultural diversity.” She also talked about how these skills help you adjust and adapt to many different career paths and someone who can only fit into one specific skill set might get left behind.

Well done LCU for organizing a great meeting with President Ruth Watkins!


Last Updated: 5/3/21