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University of Utah Graduate, Chloe Brent, Publishes Book

Chloe Valentine Brent, Publishes Book Moon Paints Her Face Black

book cover for 'Why the Moon Paints Her Face Black'

On Aug. 10, 2013, University of Utah graduate Chloe Valentine Brent and tribal elder Eleanor Tom of the Southern Paiute Cedar Band unveiled their creation, Why the Moon Paints Her Face Black, during a bilingual presentation and book signing at Capitol Reef National Park.

Written for children, the book recounts a Native American folk tale in Southern Paiute and English and includes an audio recording of the story told in Southern Paiute. Transcribing the story was a challenge as Southern Paiute, a language related to Ute, is not a written language and is spoken by few people.

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Last Updated: 2/15/17