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Linguistics: Language under the Microscope

The Department of Linguistics is a small department that offers close interaction with faculty. Almost all of our courses have small enrollments. As linguists, we put language under the microscope in order to provide insight into various aspects of this uniquely human ability. We offer courses that examine language and languages from diverse angles including their sounds (phonetics and phonology), their ways of forming words (morphology), their sentence structures (syntax), their systems of expressing meaning (semantics), how they are acquired by children and adults, and language variation in different social and cultural contexts. Consequently, linguistics is closely connected to many other fields, such as philosophy, psychology, biology, and English, and linguistics courses are a great way for majors in other departments to broaden their academic experience.

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Areas of Linguistics:

There are several areas of linguistics. Faculty at the Department of Linguistics specialize in the following areas (in alphabetical order):

 Historical linguistics

 Philosophy of language


 Second language acquisition

 Second language pedagogy





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