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Linguistics is an ideal major for today's university student.

Linguistics provides the intellectual satisfaction of learning how human language works, while at the same time developing the analytical skills necessary to be highly competitive on the job market.  Students in linguistics learn how to analyze languages and develop crucial skills for today‚Äôs job market: reasoning, critical thinking, rigorous analysis, and written and verbal communication.  Graduates of our program have been admitted to some of the top graduate programs in linguistics and other fields and found careers in ESL instruction, language analysis, and computational linguistics. 

Undergraduate Programs

We offer a Linguistics Major and Minor, and a Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) Certificate. Students study the structural properties of a variety of languages, including the sounds of languages and meaning. They also explore how languages can vary, how they are used in different contexts, and how they are acquired by children and adults. Students learn to apply the results of their studies to real-world issues, and they achieve a greater understanding of the human mind.  In the TESOL certificate courses, students take what they learn from language analysis and apply it to the domain of teaching and learning languages. With a strong theoretical and practical basis, students are prepared to be effective teachers.

Degree Requirements


36 credit hours: 12 courses

Effective Fall 2019

Linguistics Foundation Course- Complete one of the following with a B or better:

LING 1069: Bad Words and Taboo Terms
LING 1200: Introduction to the Study of Language

Linguistics Core Courses- Complete all of the following:

LING 4010: Intro to Phonetics/Phonology (LING Foundation course)
LING 4020: Intro to Syntax (LING Foundation course)

LING 5011 OR LING 5021
LING 5900: Senior Capstone CW (Only offered fall semester)


Complete the following

(6 credit hours) 3000+ LING Electives.

(9 credit hours) 4000+ or 5000+ LING Electives.

(6 credit hours) 5000+ LING Electives

Other Requirements:

  • Students must maintain a 3.0 GPA in the major courses and no grade below a C- will count toward the major.
  • The Department of Linguistics reserves the right to substitute one course for another.
  • Students must take at least 50% of the coursework (18 credits) at the University of Utah. Any credit for courses transferred from another institution must be approved by the undergraduate advisor.


18 credit hours: 6 courses

Effective Fall 2018

Linguistics Foundation Course- Complete one of the following with a B or better:

LING 1069 - @#$!: Bad Words & Taboo Terms
LING 1200 - Introduction to the Study of Language

Theory Courses- Complete two of the following:

LING 4010 - Introduction to Phonetics and Phonology
LING 4020 - Introduction to Syntax
LING 5011 - Intermediate Phonetics and Phonology
LING 5021 - Intermediate Syntax


Complete three upper-division courses, which may include one or both of the courses not used to satisfy the sequence requirement above.
One course must be above 5000.

        5000-Level Course- Complete 1 course

        LING 5000 - 5999

        Additional Courses- Complete 2 courses

        LING 3000 - 5999

Other Requirements:

  • Students must receive a B or better in Linguistics Foundation Course
  • Students must maintain a 3.0 GPA in the minor; no grade below a C- will count toward the minor
  • Minors must take 9 credit hours (50% of the coursework for the minor) at the University of Utah.
  • To satisfy a specific requirement for the Linguistics minor, any credit for courses transferred from another university must be approved by the undergraduate advisor as fully equivalent to a course offered in the Linguistics Program.

21 credit hours: 7 courses

Effective Fall 2012

Writing Course-Complete one with a B or better

WRTG 2010 or EAS 1060

TESOL Introductory Course- Complete one with a B or better:

LING 1200: Introduction to the Study of Language

TESOL Courses- Complete all of the following with a B- or better:

LING 3220: World Englishes IR
LING 3500: Intro to English Grammar
LING 3600: Cross-Cultural Communication DV
LING 5810: L2 Methodology (Coreq: LING 1200)
LING 5813: Practicum: Capstone (Prereq: LING 5810)

TESOL Language Requirement:

Complete a beginning level foreign language course. May be taken within two years prior to entering the program. Should include at least 30 classroom hours in foreign language instruction.

Other Requirements:

  • Non-native English speakers must have a minimum TOEFL score of 80 iBT or better, or a minimum IELTS band score of 6.5 or better.
  • Students are allowed to retake no more than one required TESOL certificate course for grade improvement.
  • Students may count one transferred course toward the TESOL certificate. Transferred courses must be approved by the undergraduate advisor. The Department of Linguistics reserves the right to substitute one course for another.
  • The purpose of language requirement is to provide students with a recent experience of basic foreign language classroom instruction.
  • All students wishing to receive the TESOL certificate must pay a non-refundable processing fee of $45.
  • Students must notify the academic advisor of certificate completion two months before the last day of classes of the semester which the student completes the certificate.
Last Updated: 11/11/19