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Undergraduate Research in Linguistics

Collaborate with Linguistics faculty on cutting-edge research in Linguistics!

To get started, make an appointment with the Undergraduate Research Advisor in the Office of Undergraduate Research.

Linguistics Undergraduate Student Scholars

Fall 2016

Eve Olson


Eve Olson (Prof. Rachel Hayes-Harb) 
Voice Onset Time in Arabic and English Stop Consonants


Anna Deakins


Anna Deakins (Prof. Benjamin Slade)
A Syntactic and Semantic Account of Repetitives


Matthew Halverson - Investigating Bilingual advantage in discrimination of non-native voicing/aspiration contrasts in Thai stops (Supervisor: Hayes-Harb)

Yuka Muratani - Transparadigmatic anti-homophony (Supervisor: Abby Kaplan)

Jeffrey Green - The influence of L1 and L2 on perceptual VOT boundaries in initial-stage L3 (Supervisor: Hayes-Harb)

Jessica Larsen - Native English speaker Perception of Arabic Emphatic Contrasts & the effects of Vowel Context (Supervisor: Hayes-Harb)

Robert Capps - Determining effective ESL instruction strategies for pre-literate adults (Supervisor: Hayes-Harb)

Jamie Johnson - Intelligibility of Bosnian-accented English speech (Supervisor: Hayes-Harb)

Zac Rasmussen - Arabic Learning Distribution Study (Supervisor: Hayes-Harb)

Linguistics Undergraduate Students Published in the Undergraduate Research Journal

Jessica Loveland, Mamiko Suzuki
Sociolinguistic differences between Japanese and English as seen through English translations of manga

Sara Palomino, Fernando Rubio
Diglossia: The case of Quechua languages and Spanish

Nolan Williams, Abby Kaplan
Modeling self-organized category formation and selective attention training for fricative perceptual cues

Research in the Community

Students can sometimes receive credit for research they are doing in linguistics outside of the University.  Please talk with the Linguistics advisor to see if you are eligible to receive credit for research you are doing.

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*Contact the Department of Linguistics if you have a research opportunity you would like added for linguistics students.

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