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Undergraduate Research in Linguistics

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Linguistics Undergraduate Student Research


Julia Vonnessen (Rachel Hayes-Harb)

The relationship between listener attitudes and the comprehension of nonnative-accented speech

The Pronunciation in Second Language Learning and Teaching  2019 Conference.    




Cailey Lloyd (Shannon Barrios)

The Role of Written Input in the Acquisition of a German-like Pattern of Final Devoicing by Native English Speakers: Evidence from a Listening Task

with Professors Barrios and Hayes-Harb at The Pronunciation in Second Language Learning and Teaching  2019 Conference.  



Jackie Jolley (Aaron Kaplan)

Vowel Harmony in Abkhaz   





Zane Bellows (Scott Jarvis)

Affixation in a McWorld   





Austin Buttars (Scott Jarvis)

The language of Consent 





Billy Finlay (Shannon Barrios)

The online processing of phonological cohorts





Tyler Laws, Paul Olea, Amanda Goodner (Edward Rubin)

Variations in phonology across musical genres





Tyler Laws (Mary Ann Christison)

Differences in voice onset time in Spanish between first language, second language, and heritage speakers




Cailey Lloyd (Shannon Barrios)

The role of written input in the adult acquisition of L2 voicing alternations: Evidence from perception





Julia Vonessen (Rachel Hayes-Harb)

The impact of listener attitudes on the comprehension of nonnativeaccented speech





Maison Evensen (Tanya Flores)

Plosive Aspiration of Bilingual Children





Zane Bellows (Edward Rubin) Bulgarian: Null Subject Classification

Nate Schwartz (Ed Rubin) Inter-lingual errors among English and Japanese L2 learners

Maison Evenson and Caiti Hunting

UROP Scholar: The influence of written input on the acquisition of Mandarin word forms by native English speakers



Devon Hoxer, Austin Buttlars, Stacie Chadwick

L2 Phrasal Verbs: Optimizing Testing to Inform Pedagogical Models





 Zachary Earl, Mackenzie Kerr

The Stroop effect in kana and kanji scripts





Keaton Colledge, Alyssa Hawkins

An analysis of semantic shift in proto-indo-European congantes in Swedish and Greek





Billy Finlay, Julia Vonessen (Rachel Hayes-Harb)

Acoustic features of vowels in clear and conversational speech: A partial replication of Ferguson and Quene (2014)




Derek Betker, Katrina Bocanegra, Maranda Mumm

Code Correction: Breaking the code





Greydon Benzmiller, Joseph Ciucci Liuzzi, Amber Robb

Foul Play: Gender, Perception, & Profanity in 21st Century America





David Petersen, Heidee Ward

Perceived Importance as a Factor in Second Language Vocabulary Acquisition





Lauren Brocious (Rachel Hayes-Harb)

L2 orthographic input and the three-way Korean consonant contrast





Alexander J. Cipro (Rachel Hayes-Harb)

Effects of repeated evaluation on acceptability rating of sentences: A partial replication of Zervakis & Musaka (2012)




Ellie A. Kaiser (Rachel Hayes-Harb)

VOTs of Voiced and Voiceless Stops in Spanish and English: a Partial Replication of Fledge and Eefting. 





Nate Schwartz (Rachel Hayes-Harb)

Experiments on the Acceptability and Possible Readings of Questions Embedded Under Emotive-Factives: A Partial Replication of Cremers and Chemla (2012)




Joselyn Rodriguez (Shannon Barrios)

The role of lexical cues in the acquisition of L2 allophonic variants

National Conference on Undergraduate Research at the University of Central Oklahoma.




Luke Tuttle

Effects of Marked Intonation on a Restricted Scope Configuration'

National Conference on Undergraduate Research.



Alex Cipro (Aniko Csirmaz) Spatial interpretation of the prepositions 'in' and 'within'

Justin Cho, Sarah Johnson, Shelley Miao (Edward Rubin) Frequently made student errors in adult ESL language acquisition

Daniel Razo (Benjamin Slade) Repetitives in Spanish, From Older Varieties to Modern Spanish



Jenica Jessen, Sara Ng, Joselyn Rodriguez, and Eve Olson presented at the Undergraduate Research Symposium on April 4th.

Musical Evidence for Syllabification of Highly Moraic Structures in English 





Eve Olson (Rachel Hayes-Harb)

Voice Onset Time in Arabic and English Stop Consonants




Elizabeth Nakashima (Johanna Watzinger-Tharp)

Reclamation of Negative Speech in the LGBTQ+ Community


Eve Olson


Eve Olson (Prof. Rachel Hayes-Harb) 
Voice Onset Time in Arabic and English Stop Consonants


Anna Deakins


Anna Deakins (Prof. Benjamin Slade)
A Syntactic and Semantic Account of Repetitives


Matthew Halverson - Investigating Bilingual advantage in discrimination of non-native voicing/aspiration contrasts in Thai stops (Supervisor: Hayes-Harb)

Yuka Muratani - Transparadigmatic anti-homophony (Supervisor: Abby Kaplan)

Jeffrey Green - The influence of L1 and L2 on perceptual VOT boundaries in initial-stage L3 (Supervisor: Hayes-Harb)

Jessica Larsen - Native English speaker Perception of Arabic Emphatic Contrasts & the effects of Vowel Context (Supervisor: Hayes-Harb)

Robert Capps - Determining effective ESL instruction strategies for pre-literate adults (Supervisor: Hayes-Harb)

Jamie Johnson - Intelligibility of Bosnian-accented English speech (Supervisor: Hayes-Harb)

Zac Rasmussen - Arabic Learning Distribution Study (Supervisor: Hayes-Harb)

Linguistics Undergraduate Students Published in the Undergraduate Research Journal

Jessica Loveland, Mamiko Suzuki
Sociolinguistic differences between Japanese and English as seen through English translations of manga

Sara Palomino, Fernando Rubio
Diglossia: The case of Quechua languages and Spanish

Nolan Williams, Abby Kaplan
Modeling self-organized category formation and selective attention training for fricative perceptual cues

Research in the Community

Students can sometimes receive credit for research they are doing in linguistics outside of the University.  Please talk with the Linguistics advisor to see if you are eligible to receive credit for research you are doing.

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