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Graduate Student Advisory Committee

Mission Statement

The primary purpose of the Graduate Student Advisory Committee (GSAC) is to serve as a liaison between the graduate students and the Department of Linguistics for the purpose of soliciting, compiling, and completing Retention, Promotion, Tenure (RPT) and Post Tenure Review (PTR).

Additional responsibilities that GSAC may be tasked with include collecting and organizing feedback from graduate students about Linguistics Curriculum here at the University of Utah and voicing concerns or ideas that graduate students may have to the administration and leadership of the Department of Linguistics. GSAC may choose to take on further duties, such as organizing discussion groups and social activities depending on need, availability, and resources. However, all tasks that GSAC may take on must in some way involve the interaction of the Department of Linguistics and the graduate students of the department.

Contact Info

Spring 2016 GSAC Board:

Shasha Xu

Taylor Anne Barriuso

Jessica Larsen

Last Updated: 8/19/16