Foundations: Graduate School Preparation for International Students

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 This program is designed to help students who are looking to enter graduate school, but want to learn about the culture and environment and need additional English skills to be prepared for grad school. Participants will spend 2 months in Salt Lake City exploring and taking a few courses at the the Salt Lake City, University of Utah campus and complete the remainder of the year with distance education.

Program Goals

The goal of this program is to give participants the cultural understanding and readiness, the English language support and academic skills necessary to be successful in navigating expectations, policies, procedures coursework, and cultures of graduate institutions in North America. Studying abroad is a big commitment and this program will help students know if they are ready for that incredible change of culture. The program will include multiple courses and course work designed with this goal in mind. Participants will be prepared for rigors of graduate work in English with a specific focus on Academic skills such as: library research skills, summarizing, analyzing and synthesizing skills for academic and professional writing, critical thinking, effective reading strategies, oral presentation skills, intercultural communication, listening skills, and working in a group.