Our certificate program gives students a variety of skills that are useful for multiple jobs, but people mainly complete this certificate in order to help them better teach English Language Learners.

Teaching English abroad:

A TESOL certificate is accepted all over the world. If you are interested in teaching English abroad, there are many resources available to you.  The pay that you receive is dependent on your qualifications, the country you are working in, and other factors.  You can search for jobs in the country that you wish to live in, or you can work with a recruiting agency who is looking to fill positions in multiple countries.








http://www.state.gov/careers/  Opportunities to teach abroad with the US Government

http://fulbright.utah.edu/  A prestigious program that accepts completed BA and MA students

http://elprograms.org/ Fellowship opportunities for students with MA degrees

http://www.helpenglishmexico.org/ Instituto Heslington (Mexico) internship/volunteer programs in Tehuacan and Puebla, Mexico. Paid positions available for TESOL certified or Education major graduates.

http://www.etonkids.com/ Teach English to Kindergarten age children in China for one year or longer. Opportunity to pursue a masters program while working. 

http://www.englishfirst.com/esl-jobs/ A subsidiary of EF Education First, one of the world’s largest privately owned education companies. Currently hiring graduates to teach English as a second language in one of their 200 schools in China.

http://www.bolebj.cn/ Job recruitment, connecting potential teachers with the right educational schools and companies in China.

       www.selectteachers.com A professional network for people wishing to teach abroad, ESL teachers, TEFL            certification course providers & recruiters. Search for ESL jobs abroad, review or rate TEFL courses,                    cities, English schools and get support from other TEFL teachers from around the globe.

       http://www.westgatejapan.com Westgate Japan hires highly motivated educators to teach English at                  universities in Japan. Please follow the link for information about the application process. 

      www.http://www.pief.or.kr/en/  Pyeongtaek International Exchange Foundation and Pyeongtaek English           Education Center in South Korea have teaching opportunities in South Korea.  Please contact                               peec0820@gmail.com with inquiries.



Teaching English in Utah:

A TESOL certificate can be used in a variety of learning settings, but it is not the same as public school licensure, so looking outside of the public school system is how you see what jobs are available. 


Salt Lake City:

http://www.eslcenter.org/ - information on volunteer opportunities and some job opportunities in Salt Lake City




http://www.esldirectory.com/search/advancedsearch.php?state=utah&city=salt+lake+city – list of ESL schools/resources in SLC

http://www.employment.utah.edu/index.php University of Utah job board check English Language Institute and main campus

https://jobs.slcc.edu/ - job board salt lake community college




Other areas in Utah:



Online Teaching:



       edulinx - online teaching opportunities in English and other languages

        Hallo is a Utah based startup that has many opportunities for teaching online.



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