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EAS graduate programs

 English for Academic Success seeks to provide a variety of programs to help meet the needs of various Graduate programs on Campus. We are always willing to collaborate with other departments to create scaffold curricula.

Jumpstart        Register Here

- Jumpstart is a two week program designed to help graduate students prepare for their graduate program.  We highlight academic and English skills that are needed for international students to be successful in graduate school.


- Each semester we offer English for Academic Success classes at a graduate level.  These course can be taken alongside your regular coursework.

Intensives      Summer registrationFall Registration

- EAS offers a variety of short-term, intensive classes that can be taken even during a busy graduate schedule.  These short term classes are at a fraction of the cost of a full semester course.

Workshops    Registration

- EAS offers workshops on some of the most problematic language issues that international graduate students face.

Early Semester Start

 - this is a partnership between the department and EAS.  Graduate students would come into the university one semester early to complete pre-reqs and EAS courses.  This does not take away from graduate program coursework, but ensures that students are prepared for the rigors of graduate school.


- The EAS program offers one on one tutoring with our instructors to help students with their specific language needs.