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English for Academic Success works with graduate programs to help provide an early semester start for international graduate students who need some additional skills before beginning their program of study.  Students come one semester early and work on English and Academic skills (and pre-reqs if department desires).

EAS suggests three courses to prepare graduate students for the rigors of graduate work in English:

Advanced EAS communications skills for graduate students:

An advanced integrated skills course designed to improve reading, writing, speaking and listening skills through notetaking, writing short essays, and giving oral lectures and presentations in class. Assumptions and interactions practices of the American classroom are emphasized.

Advanced Pronunciation and oral skills for graduate students:

Focus on the development and fluency of oral skills. Intensive pronunciation practice and instruction for
non-native English speakers. Emphasis on the features of English pronunciation that have the
greatest effect on intelligibility.

Intro to Grad Writing 1:

Focus on the development of the writing process for specific fields of study and research skills. This course has a heavy emphasis on writing in U.S. Universities and the practices and assumptions made about research, citation, style and form.

All of these courses are offered during each semester and graduate students can register for them inside of their program of study, but taking the courses a semester before starting their course of study ensures that the students are prepared to begin graduate work and does not interfere with the course of study. (we are happy to work with departments if you would prefer these courses to use department numbers instead of EAS numbers)

Please contact Karen Marsh Shaeffer at for additional information.

Last Updated: 8/22/16