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General questions:

Program Director

Karen Marsh Schaeffer


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Community member



I want to be a student at the U

How do I apply to the University of Utah?



Do I need a TOEFL or IELTS score to apply?

Official scores must be less than two years old at the time of admission and must be sent directly to the Office of Admissions from Educational Testing Service (TOEFL) or from the center where you took the test (IELTS).

Some applicants may not need to send English proficiency scores, including recent graduates from an accredited college or university in the United States or if you have had your Permanent Resident card for at least 5 years. Check to see if you are eligible for an English proficiency waiver.

Do I need a new I-20?

If you need to process a new I-20, please talk to International Admission (801) 581-3091.

What if I do not meet the universities Admissions requirements?


Non credit classes

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I'm an undergraduate student

How do I fulfill my writing requirement?

You may fulfill your writing requirement by taking EAS 1050 + ESL 1060 or by taking WRTG 2010.

Do I need to take the EAS writing placement exam?

If you wish to take EAS 1040 you no longer have to take the EAS writing placement exam. Please email to request a permission code. Make sure to include your name, UID and your desire EAS 1040 section. If you would like to place into EAS 1050 directly, please take the exam. Students who take the exam do not need to ask for a permission code, but simply wait for an email with a corresponding test score.

Could I take EAS 1060 by itself to fulfill the writing general education requirement?

No, EAS 1060 by itself does not fulfill the writing general education requirement. EAS 1050 and 1060 together fulfill the writing general education requirement.

EAS 1050 +1060 = WRTG 2010

When do I receive my EAS writing placement score results?

You will receive your EAS writing placement score results by email. If you take the test during International Orientation you will receive an email with your score a couple of days after the testing date. If you take the exam at the Testing Center in the middle of the semester the grading process may take a couple of weeks. Please email if you have questions about your score.

Do EAS classes fulfill gen ed courses?

Yes, many EAS classes fulfill general education requirements :


EAS 1050+ EAS 1060= WRTG 2010 WR2
EAS 1600 DV HF
EAS 3400 FF
EAS 3510/ LING 3510 CW
EAS 3600/LING 3600 DV HF

What is the benefit of taking EAS classes?

EAS classes are design to improve your academic English skills. Our teachers have a passion for helping international students develop their English ability the student's highest potential.

How many classes do I need to take to maintain my Visa status?

As an undergraduate student you will need to register for 12 credit hours every semester. At least 9 of those credits must be taken in class for undergraduate students.

Graduate students need to take 9 credit hours every semester.

Where is your office?

The EAS program is housed within the Department of Linguistics. In the Languages and Communication Building (LNCO) suite 2300.

I am planning to go back to my country. Do I need to do something?

Yes, you will need to apply for a vacation semester. To apply for a vacation semester please go to the International Student and Scholar Services office located at the Union suite 410. (You must apply for a vacation semester even during summer semester)

Are there other resources on campus that can help me?

 ASUU Tutoring Center - Tutoring help in a variety of subjects

 Writing Center -Writing center tutors are trained to help you with all aspects of the writing process

 Library- Helps students research (ex. final papers research), provides studying areas, provides students access to books, articles and much more

 University College Advising -Helps students with questions about General Education, major exploration, choosing classes, registration and much more.

 International Student and Scholar Services (International Center) - Helps students with the application process, orientation and immigration (Visa status).

 Dean of Student's Office - Helps students with any problems they are having that affect their academics

 Counseling Center -Helps students with a variety of issues including (homesickness, depression, time management)

 Lib Guide -This is a resource for language learners to help them be familiar with the library, researching, and using sources appropriately

 Student Health Center-Provides health care services to students including immunizations, preventive,travel consultations, pediatrics, women's health and family planning

 Center for Disability Services- Helps students by providing evaluating disability documentation, determining eligibility, and implementing reasonable accommodations for enrolled students


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I am a graduate student

Do you have EAS classes for graduate students?

Yes, the Department of Linguistics offers graduate EAS courses, please click here for a complete list.

I'm not able to fit an EAS class into my schedule; do you have any other options to help me with my language?

 Non credit courses

Are there other resources on campus that can help me?

 International Student and Scholar Services (International Center)

 Your graduate advisor

 Graduate Writing Center

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I am a visitor

I am visiting the Salt Lake area and just want to practice my English. Do you have any courses for me?

Yes, you can take non credit classes like other community members.

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I am a community member

What are my options for taking classes if I am not a University of Utah student?

 Non credit

What is the difference between the EAS program and the English Language Institute at the University of Utah?

The EAS program teaches courses that count towards the number of credit hours you need in order to complete your degree at the University of Utah. Also, the EAS program provides courses that help fulfill General Education requirements such as: EAS 1600, EAS 3600, EAS 1050 and 1060.

The English Language Institute focus on providing classes for non-native English speakers who are not seeking a degree at the University of Utah.

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I am a business and I want to help my employees

Can EAS do anything to help my employees?

 Non credit

Special programs - Please contact Karen if you would like to discuss any other options to meet the needs of your employees

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I am a department/program at the University of Utah

What if I have a large group of international students who need some additional English instruction?

 Special programs- We can design a special program to meet your Department's needs.Please contact for more information

How can my faculty learn more about working with English Language Learners (ELLs)?


 TESOL courses

 Lib guide

 Resources page

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