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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the Certificate take to complete?

There are a number of courses with prerequisites, so for most people, it can be completed over 4 semesters.

What are the requirements for the certificate?

Requirement infromation can be found here

Do I need to be a student at the University of Utah to complete the Certificate?

At this time, you do need to be an admitted student at the university of Utah.  Admissions requirements can be found here

What are the deadlines for admission?

The university has deadlines for admission here. You will need to be admitted before you take classes.  There is no deadline for admission to the Certificate program itself.

How do I sign up for the certificate?

Please fill out the enrollment form to sing up for the certificate. 

How much does the certificate cost?

The tuition is figured at the regular university tuition rates, it depends on your residency status and how many courses you take at once. Please visit the univiersity tuition webpage for more infromation. 

Do you offer courses online?

Some of the courses are available in online format, and some are only available in person.  You will need to check the course schedule each semester to see what is offered.

Do you offer courses in the summer?

LING 1200 and LING 1069 are offered each summer, but currently the other courses are only available during Spring and Fall. 

Do I have to be a Linguistics major or Computer Science Major to receive the certificate?

No, the Certificate can be completed as a standalone certificate or in addition to any degree you are pursuing at the University of Utah.  Do talk with your advisor about the requirements because once you have completed the certificate, you are two courses away from a minor in Linguistics. 

What type of certification do I need to work in Computational Linguistics/ Natural Language Processing?

The type of training and certification you need for jobs in this field is job specific.  Some jobs only require a Bachelor’s Degree and some will require advanced degrees.  Our certificate will help your future employer know the skills you have in NLP and this can put you ahead of other candidates. Please check our jobs page for more information about looking for a job/career.

Last Updated: 1/17/20