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Name     Current Job/Affiliation Degre & Year Thesis Name Supervisor
 Brian Collins    MA/2017  The Role of -Ywac in the Polish Aspectual System  Ben Slade
 Rachel Haynes Associate Instructor of EAS MA/2016  Students' Discrimination of German Contrasts After 1 Year of Dual Immersion  Johanna Watzinger-Tharp
 Sasha Xu Dual Immersion Chinese Teacher MA/2016 Effects of ESL Instructors' Ethnicity and Perceived Accent on University ESL Student's Expectations of ESL Instructors  Johana Watzinger-Tharp
 Josh Jackson   MA/2016 The Effects of Novel Orthographic Elements and Phonetic Instruction in Second Language Phonological Acquisition  Rachel Hayes-Harb
 Jemina Keller    MA/2016  An Investigation of k-5/6 Preservice Teachers' Knowledge and Beliefs About the Utah Core State Standards and English Learners  MaryAnn Christison
Andrew Hayes    MA/2016   Integrated Versus Decontextualized Approaches to Vocabulary Instruction in a Second Language Writing Course  MaryAnn Christison
Andrew Bayles  QA Testing Analyst, Xactware  MA/2016  High-Vowel Lenition in the French of Quebec and Paris   Marianna DiPaolo
Kelsey Brown  Enrollment Counselor, Western Governers University  MA/2015  The Influence of Explicit Instruction   Rachel Hayes-Harb
Alina Safargalina    MA/2015   Nonthesis  MaryAnn Christison
Mengqi Wang Secondary Dual Immersion Chinese Teacher, Granite School District MA/2015  Evidence on Long Head Movement in Mandarin Predicate Cleft  Aniko Csirmaz
Maria Alexeeva Graduate Student at University of Arizona MA/2015  Academic English Learners' Perceptions of the Value of Discourse-level  MaryAnn Christison
Andrew Zupon Linguistics PhD Student MA/2015  Icelandic Quirky Agreement Restrictions: Evidence for Phi-Defective T in Quirky Subject Constructions  Ed Rubin
Christina Yong Associate Instructor for EAS MA/2015  Adverbial Ordering in English  Aniko Csirmaz
George Michael Pescaru Linguistics Phd Student MA/2015  Coordination and Interaction in Markedness Suppression  Aaron Kaplan
Derron Borders Language House Director, Cornell University MA/2015  The Role of Gender Socialization and Sibilants in the Perception of Gay- and Straight Sounding Voices: A Study of Returned Latter-Day Saint Missionaries in Utah  Marianna DiPaolo
Vitor De Souza International Student Advisor MA/2014  Action Research: Perceptions of Content-Based Instruction in an English as a Foreign Language Setting  MaryAnn Christison
Amanda Rabideau QA Engineer, Attensity MA/2014  Talker background and individual differences in the speech intelligibility benefit  Rachel Hayes-Harb
Tulay Orucu Adjunct Assistant Professor MA/2014  Teaching English Grammar in a Hybrid Course: Student Performance and Teacher and Student Perceptions   MaryAnn Christison
Lindsay Hansen Assistant Professor of Practice, University of Utah Asia Campus MA/2014  Second-Language Writer and Instructor Perceptions of the Effectiveness of a Curriculum- Integrated Research Skills Library Guide   MaryAnn Christison
Daniel Dixon Instructor, University of Utah Asia Campus MA/2014  Leveling Up Language Proficiency Through Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games:Opportunities for English Learners to Recieve Input, Modify Output, Negotiate Meaning, and Employ Language- Learning Strategies   MaryAnn Christison
Kevin Kau Instructor, University of Utah Asia Campus MA/2014  Teaching Beliefs and Practices of Language Teaching Assistants   MaryAnn Christison

PHD Students

Jin Bi   PhD/2017  Bilingualism and Cognitive Control: A Comparision of Sequential and Simultaneous Bilinguals   MaryAnn Christison
Abdulaziz Alzoubi   PhD/2017  The Effect of Social Factors on Empatic-Plain Contrast: A Sociophonetic Study of Arabic in Amman City in Jordan  Marianna DiPaolo
Sarah Braden Assistant Professor of English language learner education in the School of Teached Education, Utah State University  PhD/2016  Scientific Inquiry as Social and Lingusitc Practice: Language Socialization Pathways in a Ninth-Grade Physics Class   MaryAnn Christison
Miranda McCarvel Instructor at the English Language Institute PhD/2016  Harmonic Serialism with Lexical Selection: Evidence from Jrriais Allomorphy  Aaron Kaplan
Katherine Matsumoto Senior Product Manager, Recursion Pharmacceuticals PhD/2015  Recent language change in Shoshone: Structural consequences of language loss  Mauricio Mixco
Kristin Hiller Academic Director, American Language Institute at NYU Shanghai PhD/2015  International Undergraduates and Discourses of Internationalization: Exploring Conceptualizations and Experiences of the Internationalization of Higher Education and Representations of International Undergraduates at a U.S. University  MaryAnn Christison
Hossam Ahmed Lecturer at Leiden University  PhD/2015  Verbal Complementizers in Arabic  Ed Rubin
Zeb Pischnotte Professor, University of Utah Asia Campus PhD/2015  A sociolinguistic study of Bitburger Platt German  Johanna Watzinger-Tharp
Neil Olsen   PhD/2014  A Descriptive Grammar of Koho-Sre: A Mon-Khmer Language  MaryAnn Christison
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