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Alumni Spotlight

Mengqui Wang 

After teaching 4 years of Dual Language Immersion (DLI Chinese from K 6-12, I now work as a K-12 Community Outreach Coordinator at CI. CI provides language classes to the University, organizes or supports cultural exchange projects at the U or in the community, and also runs teacher trainings for the K-12 community. My responsibility is to manage these projects. We have projects that take place every year, such as Chinese Culture Week at the U, Utah Chinese Teachers Workshop, Chinese DLI Summer Camp etc. We also have non-repeating projects, mostly cultural and academic exchange, including concerts, dances performances and academic talks.

I think it's a great honor to promote Chinese language and culture. It's also fun to work on different projects and collaborate with different organizations. We routinely collaborate with The School of Music, L2TreC, Utah State Board of Education, College Board, local school districts, local public libraries and organizations in China. Very often, the content of our projects also provide me with new learning experiences. So it's quite an engaging job.

Last Updated: 10/4/19