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Antiracism and Equity, Diversity,
and Inclusion Action Plan

Department of Linguistics Antiracism and Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Action Plan

Curriculum and Instruction

  1. Create a syllabus template that applies to all courses, and includes: 
  • Diversity and antiracism statements
  • Topics, and readings by non-white scholars (include background information), and foundational readings for graduate courses
  • Learning activities
  • Links to BIPOC resources
  • Course goals tied to learning outcomes
  1. Embed EDI in learning outcomes, in coordination with LO revision by mid-spring
  2. Evaluate graduate and undergraduate curricula for implicit racist ideologies and practices
  3. Review courses with diversity designation, e.g., World Englishes, Sociolinguistics, Language and Culture, and make explicit how courses implement the UU Diversity requirement
  4. Participate in the creation and implementation of the College of Humanities diversity certificate

Outreach, Recruitment & Student Supports

Undergraduate & Graduate

  1. Connect with campus units and student associations
  2. Implement a policy for a graduate program application fee waiver
  3. Provide scholarships to students from underrepresented populations
  4. Provide support for first-generation applicants, e.g., post online materials, hold information sessions (cf. San Diego graduate recruitment event; local models), and engage current students in recruitment and mentoring
  5. Develop support systems for enrolled students from underrepresented populations e.g., financial, faculty mentors, and advising


  1. Establish relationships with high schools and HS counselors - on-going conversation about Ling 1200 concurrent enrollment / early college


  1. Review recruitment materials and admission criteria to address implicit bias – consider discussion with other departments and training
  2. Implement an interview template for our graduate program to ensure that we (1) don't ask questions that carry implicit bias; (2) communicate department EDI efforts to candidates


  1. Obtain and analyze OBIA data on student demographics and graduation
  2. Set goals for % of undergraduate and graduate students from underrepresented populations, based on OBIA data - to match or exceed UU proportions of underrepresented or marginalized populations
  3. Track undergraduate students’ progress, performance, and persistence through all course levels
  4. Establish retention goals

Department Culture

  1. Set a concrete goal for inclusion of non-white speakers in our colloquium series
  2. Incorporate land acknowledgment into department events
  3. Seek feedback from undergraduate and graduate students on course content, instruction, and overall department climate – use Canvas course to administer survey
  4. Appoint a graduate student representative as a liaison who will bring concerns to leadership and faculty on behalf of their peers
  5. Participate in campus climate / inclusive excellence assessment and workshop



Last Updated: 3/24/21