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Linguistics Club for Undergrads

LCU Wants You!

Come explore language with the Linguistics Club for Undergrads! Meetings are usually held every other Monday at 4:30pm in LNCO 2945 (right after the Research & Community events). Topics discussed in LCU range from how linguists document endangered languages to the brain's amazing capacity to solve language problems, and so much more!

LCU President:

Tyler Laws


Fall 2016

Sep. 12, 4:30pm in LNCO 2945

Sep. 26, 4:30pm in LNCO 2945

Oct. 17, 4:30pm in LNCO 1945

Nov. 7, offsite location - contact Tyler for details

Nov. 21, 4:30pm in LNCO 2945

Dec. 5, 4:30pm in LNCO 2945

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Last Updated: 10/26/16