Student Theses and Dissertations

PhD Dissertations

Heeok “Jade” Jeong, Exploring the spaces of culturally relevant pedagogy: The discursive (trans)formation of the pedagogical practices of two teachers of English language learners, December 2013

Tamrika Khvtisiashvili, Principal Aspects of Xinaliq Phonology and Morphosyntax, April 2013

Asmaa Shehata, When Variability Matters in Second Language Word Learning: Talker Variability and Task Type Effects, April 2013

Kristen Lindahl, Exploring an 'Invisible Meduim:' Teacher Language Awareness among K-12 Preservice Educators if English Learners, May 2013

Anna Krulatz, Interlanguage pragmatics in Russian: the speech act of request in email , December 2012

Jelena Markovic, The effects of the explicit instruction of formulaic sequences on second-language writers , May 2012

Wilson Silva, A Descriptive Grammar of Desano, May 2012

Raichle Farrelly, Emerging from the Echo Chamber: An Activity Theory Perspective on the Situated Practice of L2 Teachers of Adult Emergent Readers , May 2012

Mara Haslam, The Effect of Perceptual Training Including Required Lexical Access and Meaningful Linguistic Context on L2 Phonology, December 2011

Naomi Palosaari, Topics in Mocho' Phonology and Morphology , May 2011

Zuzana Tomas, Textual borrowing across academic assignments: Examining undergraduate L2 writers' implementation of writing instruction , August 2011

Eleonore Lemmerich, An Explicit Awareness-Raising Approach to the Teaching of Sociopragmatic Variation in Early Foreign Language Learning , December 2010

Christopher Rogers, A Comparative Grammer of Xinkan , December 2010

Ellen Shipley Knell, A Longitudinal Study of Early English Immersion and Literacy in Xi'an, China , November 2010

Qing Xing, An Investigation of the Relationship Between the Teaching Beliefs and Behaviors of Teachers of English as a Second Language or Foreign Language, December 2009

Aleksandra M. Zaba, Relative Frequency of Patterns and Learnability: The Case of Phonological Harmony, August 2008

Susan McKay, Raising-to-Object in French: A Functional Perspective, August 1989

MA Theses

Lindsay Hansen, Second-Language Writer and Instructor Perceptions of the Effectiveness of a Curriculum-Integrated Research Skills Library Guide, August 2014

Tulay Orucu, Teaching English Grammar in a Hybrid Course: Student Performance and Teacher and Student Perceptions, August 2014

Amanda Rabideau, Talker background and individual differences in the speech intelligibility benefit, August 2014

Daniel Dixon - Leveling Up Language Proficiency Through Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games: Opportunities for English Learners to Receive Input, Modify Output, Negotiate Meaning, and Employ Language-Learning Strategies

Kevin Kau, Teaching Beliefs and Practices of Language Teaching Assistants

Scott Duede, Expanding and Explaining Classifier Typologies, December 2013

Catherine E. Showalter The Influence of Novel Orthographic Information on Second Language Word Learning: The Case of Native English Speakers Learning Arabic , May 2012

Deborah Wager, Fingerspelling in American Sign Language:A Case Study of Discourse Styles and Reduction , May 2012

Jennifer Mitchell, Historical Duration in Modern Day Shosone Reflexes *aCi, May 2012

Gene Deal, Shoshoni Geminates: A Description and Analysis , May 2012

Todd McKay, An Investigation into a Communicative Approach to English Language Teaching in Governmental and Nongovernmental Primary Schools in Bangladesh , December 2011

Jenia Ivanova, Phonological Aspects of Teacher Talk , December 2011

Karen Marsh, The Impact of Parent English as a Second Language Classes on Children's School Performance and Parent-School Interactions , December 2011

Elizabeth Neilson, Oral Stop Contracts in Omaha: An Acoustic Analysis , August 2011

Robert D. Sykes, A Sociophonetic Study of (ai) in Utah English , November 2010

Dominique Samantha Pantophlet, A Critical Period Hypothesis from an English as a Foreign Language Perspective , November 2010

Sadie Moon Dickman, Differences in Intelligibility of Non-Native Directed Speech and Hearing Impaired Directed Speech for Non-Native Listeners , December 2009

Sara Christine Bridge, Write Your Story: A Course to Promote L2 Writing Fluency Through Theme-Based Memoirs, August 2009

Katherine Matsumoto-Gray, Politeness in Increasing Degrees of Imposition: A Sociolinguistic Study of Politeness in Political Conversations , May 2009

David Joseph Iannucci, Aspects of Chitimacha Phonology, May 2009

Shaun Paul Matthews, Antisymmetry, Relative Clauses and Adjectives, May 2009

Albert O. Jarvi, Effect of Lexical Access and Meaningful Linguistic Context on Second Language Speech Perception , December 2008

Joshua Bowles, Agreement in Tuyuca , December 2008

Marcus Feickert, Without a Trace: Interpreting Full Copies of Qualifier Phrases in Semantics , August 2008

Hossam Eldin Ibrahim Ahmed, Parallel Derivation and Multiple Loci, August 2007

Marlin Taylor, Complements, Small Clauses, and Antisymmetry, August 2007

Zebulon Aaron Pischnotte, Optimality Theory Applied to Iñupiaq Eskimo Consonant Assimilation, August 2007

Jennifer Leparmentier, Novel Feature Processing by Children and Adults, May 2007

Waleed A. Alrowsa, Agreement in Najdi Arabic, December 2006

Anna Lee, Variable Consonant Sequence Reduction in English: An Optimality Theory Approach, May 2006

David Patrick Hall, Topichood, Scope, and Events, May 2005

Zuzana Sarikova, Shared Cognitive Learning Styles between Instructors and Students as Predictors of Attitudes toward Learning, December 2004

Aleksandra Zaba, Cross-Modular (Re)Balancing Effects in Language, August 2003

Undergraduate Honors Theses

Savannah Manwill,  Sociolinguistics of Basque in the U.S., May 2013

Stephen John Sovinsky, Speech Act Theory and Internet Culture: Computer-Mediated Communication in the Era of Web 2.0, August 2009

Zachary Bret Rasmussen, The Interlanguage Speech Intelligibility Benefit: Arabic-Accented English, May 2007

Robert Benjamin Young, The Syntax of Double Objects as an Instance of V Segmentation, May 2001

Andrew Lee Zupon, Restrictions on Denominal Verb Formation, May 2013

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